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Temecula's Ice Cream Shop Secrets: What are Souffle Pancakes?

Get the details on our latest delight: our Japanese-style souffle pancakes!

So What is a Souffle Pancake?

IC Rainbow has heard a lot of people are wondering about our smash-hit souffle pancakes! Let’s start with the basics. A souffle pancake is very similar to the traditional pancake Americans know and love. They share the same main ingredients: eggs, flour and milk.

The big difference with souffle pancakes is that they are MUCH larger and fluffy. Much like a cloud, Japanese-style souffle pancakes expand up nice and big to offer you the best in puffy pastry pleasure.

Japanese-style souffle pancakes are cooked in a pan and come out lightly toasted on the sides with the cloud-like, airy interior they are known for. As our “it jiggles” tagline totes, our souffle pancakes wobble and wiggle as they make their way to your taste buds.

The other big difference is the amazing variety of toppings and dressings available on Japanese-style souffle pancakes, especially so here at IC Rainbow. While other stores might have the standard strawberries and other mixed fruits, IC Rainbow offers thirteen different varieties, with many more in the works. From our custom-made cheesiness of our Sea Salt Cheese Boba to the terrifically-sweet Taro, you won’t find a selection like this at any of our competitors.

  • Sea Salt Cheese Boba

  • Mango

  • Matcha

  • Taro

  • Strawberry

  • Chocolate

  • Strawberry Banana

  • Banana Nutella

  • Original Ice Cream

  • Caramel

  • Mixed Fresh Fruit

  • Meat Floss

  • Mochi

Souffles Selling Like Hot Cakes!

If you’re still not sure whether you want to try out one of our delicious souffle pancakes today, maybe some customer feedback will do the trick. We’ve been awed by just how much our visitors have adored our latest tasty treat.

Since officially unveiling our souffle pancakes back in mid-August, customer demand has been incredible. As noted in a previous post, dozens of hungry customers from the Temecula Foodies group descended upon our store to gobble up our souffle pancakes recently. We were so touched to see so many positive comments and reviews in the two smash-hit posts. It was a delight to see comments such as “it was a taste of heaven” from Cindy Thompson. We hope you come try our souffle pancakes today!

Come join the many fans of our souffle pancakes! Order one today at IC Rainbow!

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