What Are People Saying About IC Rainbow? - Tanya

Let’s talk tasty treats: if you want them, IC Rainbow has got them. Just ask Tanya, who we chatted with recently about all the things she loves at Temecula’s top ice cream shop!

Speak Souffle, and Carry a Big Spoon

Hearing how much our customers care about us and our fantastic foods keeps the whole crew going at IC Rainbow. We talked with some of the amazing folks from Temecula Foodies recently to see what they love about our store. Everyone had a lot to say, especially about our souffle! In this chapter of our “IC People Profiles” we talked to Tanya about our tasty treats and got her take on our pancakes.

Tanya last stopped by IC Rainbow in the later part of August. She made the trip because of the many shining spotlights people are proudly posting in the Temecula Foodies group. Her first impression was that she loved the family-friendly atmosphere and accommodating staff, especially Mr. Min! She was also a fan of the board games we have out for folks to play with as they wait for the souffle pancakes.

Speaking of souffles, Tanya couldn’t stop talking about them! She came in for the souffle pancakes and said that she loved them, saying that they were her favorite thing here “hands down.” She recommending them to any new customers.

All in all, Tanya had a terrific time here at our store. She said that when placed against local competitors, “you can’t compare it” as IC Rainbow has so much more variety. We’re so glad to hear Tanya had an amazing experience here and can’t wait to welcome her back!

Full Transcript

IC Rainbow: What is your name?

Tanya: Tanya Espíndola

IC Rainbow: When did you last visit IC Rainbow?

Tanya: August 24, 2019

IC Rainbow: What made you come in to IC Rainbow last time?

Tanya: Temecula Foodies FB

IC Rainbow: What made you come in your first time/how did you first hear about IC


Tanya: On Facebook post on Temecula Foodies

IC Rainbow: What was your first impression when you visited IC Rainbow?

Tanya: Very accommodating, love the decoration, family friendly, owner very friendly

IC Rainbow: What is your favorite food from IC Rainbow?

Tanya: The soufflés hands down

IC Rainbow: Have you tried the souffle cakes? What did you think?

Tanya: Loved the soufflés

IC Rainbow: What would you recommend someone get as this first tasty treat at IC


Tanya: The Soufflés

IC Rainbow: What did you think about the customer service at IC Rainbow?

Tanya: Loved it!

IC Rainbow: What did you think about the location and amenities?

Tanya: Great, love the painting on the wall, they had family board games

IC Rainbow: Have you been to similar restaurants before? How does IC Rainbow compare?

Tanya: Yes! You can’t compare it, Rainbow IC has more variety

IC Rainbow: Can you think of any suggestions, such as new dishes or improvements, for IC Rainbow?

Tanya: Yes , kids size ice creams.

IC Rainbow: Is there anything else you would like to add about IC Rainbow?

Tanya: No, everything was great, had an amazing experience

Has all this talk about souffle pancakes got you craving a couple? Come by IC Rainbow and pick up a pair today!

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