What Are People Saying About IC Rainbow? - Shane and Sarah

IC Rainbow doesn’t just bring in local fans; sometimes, they travel all the way from San Diego! Today we chat with Shane and Sarah about why they came so far for cake.

The Search for Souffle

It looks like we’re starting to build a bit of a reputation here at IC Rainbow. Look Ma, we’re famous! While we’re thrilled to have so many locals stop by the shop, it is always a nice surprise to have someone make an extra-special trip. We recently had the chance to sit down with two San Diego natives, Sarah and Shane. They had driven up the I-15 with one goal in mind: souffle pancakes.

When we sat down with the couple, we found out it was their very first time at IC Rainbow. Shane and Sarah had heard about our increasingly-famous souffle pancakes from a friend and just had to try them. Walking into the store, the first thing they noticed was how incredible everything smelled. With souffle pancakes baking and Thai ice cream being rolled, the aroma was fantastic. They also appreciated the modern design and exceptional cleanliness that many of our customers have commented on.

They were quick to mention the great customer service, with Mr. Men himself greeting them at the door. They loved that Mr. Men walked them through the expansive menu and offered suggestions. Our unique “customization cards” were also a pleasant surprise, making things much easier to manage.

Shane and Sarah were big fans of the souffle pancakes. The soft and fluffy texture mixed with the light, creamy sauce made it a recipe for success. They were impressed by the dedication and skill it takes to make these cakes. Unlike some other stores, we make our souffle pancakes fresh to order. While it means you’ll have to kill some time, Shane and Sarah thought they were worth the wait! Yet while the souffle pancakes proved pleasing, the waffle cone truly stole the show. They loved the huge selection of flavors and customization we provide. The warm waffle paired powerfully with the ice cold ice cream.

As Shane and Sarah were San Diego natives, we were eager to hear how we stacked up to the competition down south. While the couple had frequented many boba shops in San Diego as well as San Francisco, they felt IC Rainbow was a truly unique experience. Our messy drinks and souffle pancakes make IC Rainbow shine like a pot of gold!

We’re conquering the culinary world, one cake at a time! Stop by and try a souffle pancake today at IC Rainbow!

Full Transcript

IC Rainbow: What is your name?

Shane and Sarah: Shane Carpenter & Sarah Sanqui

IC Rainbow: When did you last visit IC Rainbow?

Shane and Sarah: Saturday, September 21st

IC Rainbow: What made you come in to IC Rainbow last time?

Shane and Sarah: Recommended by a friend. Heard about their soufflé cakes.

IC Rainbow: What made you come in your first time/how did you first hear about IC Rainbow?

Shane and Sarah: Last week was our first time there.

IC Rainbow: What was your first impression when you visited IC Rainbow?

Shane and Sarah: Friendly atmosphere with very helpful staff. Design was very modern and everything had a clean and cool look to it. Also smelt really good from the baking.

IC Rainbow: What is your favorite food from IC Rainbow?

Shane and Sarah: Waffle cones with ice cream, there’s a lot of different flavors and customization options. Waffle is fresh made and warm and goes well with the ice cream.

IC Rainbow: Have you tried the souffle cakes? What did you think?

Shane and Sarah: They’re very soft and fluffy but also packed with flavor because of the light, creamy sauce. Very unique and also shows a lot of dedication by the staff since they make them from scratch and it’s a very long process.

IC Rainbow: What would you recommend someone get as this first tasty treat at IC Rainbow?

Shane and Sarah: Rolled ice cream since it’s straight forward and can still be customized heavily. Good gateway treat to the rest of the items that they sell. Boba is also always a good start since it’s pretty straight forward.

IC Rainbow: What did you think about the customer service at IC Rainbow?

Shane and Sarah: Customer service was fantastic. With a very large menu they were willing to jump in and offer suggestions and also walk through it. They also had a unique idea in having cards you can fill out with a dry-erase marker to identify what you want without having to memorize.

IC Rainbow: What did you think about the location and amenities?

Shane and Sarah: It’s in a good location near the larger mall in temecula but not close enough to be overly crowded and have a headache from finding parking. Has everything you would want at a restaurant.

IC Rainbow: Have you been to similar restaurants before? How does IC Rainbow compare?

Shane and Sarah: Yes, we’ve been to several including boba shops in Kearny Mesa/Convoy, Irvine, and even San Francisco. IC Rainbow’s soufflé cakes and “messy drinks” are a real differentiator from other boba tea shops.

IC Rainbow: Can you think of any suggestions, such as new dishes or improvements, for IC Rainbow?

Shane and Sarah: If the soufflé cakes could be prepared faster, they would really set IC Rainbow apart as a place to go. We haven’t seen any other shops offer this dessert, especially at this price point and with so many customization options. More insta-friendly drinks. More workshops where you can learn how to make your own rolled ice cream, etc.

IC Rainbow: Is there anything else you would like to add about IC Rainbow?

Shane and Sarah: We really enjoyed our experience and look forward to seeing it have more success!

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