What Are People Saying About IC Rainbow? - Josephine

We’re so glad our fans have so much to say about IC Rainbow! We chatted with one of our cool customers - Josephine - to talk about our tasty treats today.

Clean, Courteous, and Cake!

As a small business, building a relationship with our customers is crucial. We love to hear from our fans and always encourage feedback! We reached out some of them in the Temecula Foodies Facebook group. We were thrilled to get so many great responses! Here’s a taste of our “IC People Profiles” as we chat with Josephine about what she thinks.

Josephine had actually visited us at IC Rainbow just the day before we chatted. After her son’s soccer team scored big, her and her family decided to stop by as a reward. We agree that our ice creams and other treats make for a great congratulations!

Josephine and her family first heard about IC Rainbow from stopping by Great Clips, the barber shop next door. A self-described “clean freak,” Josephine loved that our shop is “VERY CLEAN!” She also loved all the colors of our interior design and inviting environment.

When Josephine and her family come by, her kids love to get the Oreo and Nutella ice cream and often times shakes. Josephine herself has fallen in love with our shakes and souffle cakes! She said that her first experience with the souffles was when she came with her husband for a day date. The Banana Nutella and Sea Salt Souffle has really captured their appetite and said that the fact they come two at a time was a nice bonus.

When asked what she would recommend to new customers, Josephine said they should go for an ice cream or shake first since they’re safe choices. She definitely recommends stopping by a second time for a souffle, though!

Josephine was a big fan of the hospitality, as she said she was greeted right at the door as she walked in. She also loved the location, saying that it was “easily accessible and easy to find.” The location is especially great considering that she lives just a few minutes away in Harveston!

Much like Courtney, Josephine really loved how clean we keep things here at IC Rainbow. She also loved our high-quality food, saying that her and her family are “big foodie people” that only go for the best.

We greatly appreciate the congratulations Josephine sent our way! We definitely agree that it can be hard to find many deserts under one roof around this area. That’s what we aim to provide. As Josephine put it, “This is definitely a place where anyone can find something to order that they can enjoy.”

As Josephine would surely agree, IC Rainbow is fun for the whole family! Stop by today!

Full Transcript

IC Rainbow: What is your name?

Josephine: My name is Josephine Moore.

IC Rainbow: When did you last visit IC Rainbow?

Josephine: The last time we visited the store was yesterday.

IC Rainbow: What made you come in to IC Rainbow last time?

Josephine: We decided to go yesterday as a reward after my sons soccer game.

IC Rainbow: What made you come in your first time/how did you first hear about IC


Josephine: Our kids get their haircuts at great clips and it was just next door. That’s how we knew about it.

IC Rainbow: What was your first impression when you visited IC Rainbow?

Josephine: My first impression was the store was VERY CLEAN! I’m a clean freak when it comes to where I take my kids to eat. The place was also very inviting and we love all the colors of the interior.

IC Rainbow: What is your favorite food from IC Rainbow?

Josephine: My kids love their oreo and Nutella ice cream as well as their shakes. I personally love the shakes and the soufflés.

IC Rainbow: Have you tried the souffle cakes? What did you think?

Josephine: My husband and I first tried to soufflés on one of our day dates. We both love the banana Nutella and the sea salt soufflé. We were surprised that it came it twos so that’s a bonus.

IC Rainbow: What would you recommend someone get as this first tasty treat at IC Rainbow?

Josephine: We would recommend the ice creams and shakes first before the soufflés. It’s a safe choice for the first time. But we would recommend the soufflés too for the foodies who are willing to try something different.

IC Rainbow: What did you think about the customer service at IC Rainbow?

Josephine: Customer service was excellent! We were greeted the moment we walked in. Great first impression.

IC Rainbow: What did you think about the location and amenities?

Josephine: The location was good. It was easily accessible and easy to find. The PLUS is I live in Harveston which is 3minutes from my house.

IC Rainbow: Have you been to similar restaurants before? How does IC Rainbow compare?

Josephine: We have been to similar restaurants but the cleanliness of IC rainbow tops all of them. Especially the quality of their food. My family and I are big foodie people and we try to look for the best.

IC Rainbow: Can you think of any suggestions, such as new dishes or improvements, for IC Rainbow?

Josephine: My teenage kids would love more flavors of shakes and ice creams.

IC Rainbow: Is there anything else you would like to add about IC Rainbow?

Josephine: I want to congratulate the owners on their new store. It’s hard to find a place where you can get ice creams, shakes and cakes all in one place. This is definitely a place where anyone can find something to order that they can enjoy.

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