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What Are People Saying About IC Rainbow? - Courtney

At IC Rainbow, we love to serve our amazing products to amazing people. IC Rainbow chatted with one of our cool customers - Courtney - to talk about our tasty treats today!

Talking Thai Tea and Souffles with Courtney

One of our biggest goals here at IC Rainbow is to serve our customers as best as possible. IC Rainbow decided to reach out to some of the fantastic people who have left praise for our products. We’ve gotten a lot of fantastic feedback from the folks of Temecula Foodies. We were thrilled to get so many great responses! In the first of our “IC People Profiles” we chatted with Courtney.

When Courtney came by about two weeks ago, she was on a mission to try out our fast-famous souffle pancakes. She had stopped by previously after seeing our signs and tried out our fabulous boba teas. While sipping on some tea, she saw the souffle pancakes and decided to make another visit.

Courtney loved the “fun and inviting” ambiance when she walked into the shop. She mentioned noticing all the fun board games we have out for our customers to play with. She called the customer service “always very gentle and inviting” and said that “the prices are also fair.” As someone who frequently drinks Thai teas, Courtney said she could definitely notice the quality and care we put into our products.

Courtney liked her souffle pancakes even more! She said that the souffle cake was “not what I expected in a good way,” and talked about the “2 different textures.” With a “cakey” exterior and a “custardy” interior, the souffle was a smash! She recommended new customers definitely give one a shot.

As a whole, Courtney really enjoyed her experience here at IC Rainbow. She said that we have a “great place and we look forward to coming back.” We can’t wait to see her again!

Full Transcript

IC Rainbow: What is your name?

Courtney: Courtney

IC Rainbow: When did you last visit IC Rainbow?

Courtney: About 2 weeks ago

IC Rainbow: What made you come in to IC Rainbow last time?

Courtney: The souffle pancakes!

IC Rainbow: What made you come in your first time/how did you first hear about IC


Courtney: I saw the sign outside when driving and it said boba and milk teas and I love thai ice tea and milk teas with custard so we had to give it a try. Once we were inside we saw the souffle pancakes and decided to go back another time to try them.

IC Rainbow: What was your first impression when you visited IC Rainbow?

Courtney: I loved the ambiance. I thought it was very fun and inviting. I liked that there was water available and games you can play while you wait.

IC Rainbow: What is your favorite food from IC Rainbow?

Courtney: I have only tried the original souffle pancake that had fresh fruit which was very yummy. I would like to come back and try more.

IC Rainbow: Have you tried the souffle cakes? What did you think?

Courtney: Yes the original with fresh fruit and it was very good. Not what I expected in a

good way. it had 2 different textures and was cakey on the outside and almost custardy souffle in the middle and was very light and good.

IC Rainbow: What would you recommend someone get as this first tasty treat at IC Rainbow?

Courtney: A pancake and thai ice tea with custard

IC Rainbow: What did you think about the customer service at IC Rainbow?

Courtney: Always very gently and inviting.

IC Rainbow: What did you think about the location and amenities?

Courtney: I like the location as I shop at winco so we will stop in for a drink before we shop. The prices are also fair compared to other competitors

IC Rainbow: Have you been to similar restaurants before? How does IC Rainbow compare?

Courtney: I have been to other places like IC Rainbow and I feel the quality and care is noticed because I drink many custard teas and you can tell when someone just made it real quick or actually put time and effort into getting quality ingredients and making it taste good consistently. consistency is key for me.

IC Rainbow: Can you think of any suggestions, such as new dishes or improvements, for IC Rainbow?

Courtney: Maybe some savory snack lunch options. We go to monsta snow occasionally and I like that they have quick bite foods that we can munch on while we wait for our treats. and maybe some more games for the adults

IC Rainbow: Is there anything else you would like to add about IC Rainbow?

Courtney: Overall great place and we look forward to coming back and seeing what kind of improvements will come in the future!

We know you'll love our souffle pancakes as much as Courtney did! Come by and order one today at IC Rainbow!

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