The Many Ways to Save $$$ at IC Rainbow, Temecula's Top Ice Cream Shop

While our prices are already affordable, you can never save too much money. Find out more about the many discounts and coupons you can take advantage of for ice cream and more at IC Rainbow today!

Low Cost, Great Taste

Here at IC Rainbow, we know saving money is something EVERYONE enjoys nearly as much as our ice cream and drinks. While we pride ourselves on keeping costs low, we offer many more ways to save. From every day ice cream discounts to special promotions, you’re bound to find a discount that fits you!

Serve and Save: Get 10% off at IC Rainbow today!
Serve and Save: Get 10% off at IC Rainbow today!

Every Day Discounts

  • Military/First Responders: The Inland Empire is a great home for many military personnel and first responders. In fact, our very own owner is active Navy. As such, we’re offering a 10% discount to all military and first responders, past or present, on every order. Show your VA, Active or Retired ID to redeem, or simply come in uniform!

  • Students/Teachers: We love our local schools, especially with Chaparral High School just around the corner. We invite all students and teachers to come by and enjoy 10% off every order. Just show us your school ID to qualify!

  • Social Media: Here at IC Rainbow, we know all the cool kids (and adults!) chill out on social media. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat to see our regularly-posted updates. Show us one of our posts on your phone and we’ll give you 10% off your order!

Keep an eye out for new ways to get our ICR Bucks coupons!
Keep an eye out for new ways to get our ICR Bucks coupons!

Special Promotions

  • ICR Buck Coupons: From time to time, we’ll be handing out some of our ICR Bucks to help you save your real money. These coupons are worth $1, $2 or $5 towards the purchase of select IR Rainbow treats!

  • Labor Day: On Sep. 2, stop by with your family for your chance at some free gear! If you spend $30 or more during your visit, you will receive one of our IC Rainbow Unicorn keychains!

  • Halloween: On Oct. 31, come spook us with your costumes and get 10% off! Dress up and enjoy desert at a discount!

  • School Events: We plan to team up with many of the local schools for some great promotions in the near future. If you’d like your school to get in on this great fundraising opportunity, let them know that we’re looking to offer 10-15% of a day’s sales to our partnered schools!

What are you waiting for? Come get your ice cream discounts today! With so many ways to save, there’s no better time to stop by IC Rainbow!

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