Yanchen Men’s American Dream

At IC Rainbow, we have many amazing products, but we also have some amazing people. In part one of our new blog series, we’ll be discussing how Yanchen Men and his family came to this country and started their American Dream.

The Story Begins

Mr. Men (left) and JT from Think Creative (right) as we talk about this very article!
Mr. Men (left) and JT from Think Creative (right) as we talk about this very article!

Yanchen Men owns and manages IC Rainbow, alongside his wife. Mr. Men was born and raised in China. When he turned 18, he made his way across the Pacific to live with his mother and attend university here in the states. However, that did not last long. After two years at Mission College in the Bay Area, he realized that situation wasn’t right for him.

Becoming More American

Mr. Men felt that the area, especially at the university, was too Asian-centric. Despite having lived here for a few years, he still felt far too much like a foreigner. While he wasn’t too worried for himself, he didn’t want his children to grow up feeling disconnected from America as well. He felt he needed to change things up and connect more with his new country.

In the Navy

Mr. Men made the radical decision to drop out of university and instead join the U.S. Navy. He made the move to support his family and support future plans for college once he felt more like an American. To his surprise, he became enamored with his service. His time in the military brought him much closer to his new nation, and he decided to make a career out of it. He wanted to give back to his community and country. To this day, he still serves as active duty, cutting his time between IC Rainbow and the Navy.

Moving to Murrieta-Temecula

Mr. Men and his family moved to the Inland Empire in May of 2018. They immediately fell in love with the Murrieta-Temecula area. The nice neighborhoods, top-tier schools, quiet atmosphere and burgeoning military community were all exactly what his family had been searching for. Yet his wife struggled to find employment. They needed to find work for her to supplement his military income. Thus, they decided to take up the entrepreneurial attitude: If you can’t find a job, make one.

Tune in next month for part two in the series, where we talk about setting up shop! Now that you know the story of Mr. Men and his family, come enjoy some thai rolled ice cream with us!

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