IC Rainbow’s American Dream

In many ways, IC Rainbow is a story of the American Dream. In part two of our new blog series, we’ll be discussing how IC Rainbow came to be and how it gives back to Mr. Men’s new home and community.

Creating New Opportunities

Mr. Men and his wife founded IC Rainbow on the idea that as lovely as this area is, we lack variety in our food choices. Having traveled the world in the Navy, he was exposed to so many amazing tastes alongside his fellow sailors and soldiers. Mr. Men and his wife wanted to bring some of that foreign flavor that military personnel crave back home.

Rolling Out Nicely

Knowing that the Murrieta-Temecula area is scorching hot for half the year or more, ice cream felt like a solid choice to start with. While there were many such shops already around, Mr. Men felt he could bring new flair. By going with Thai-style rolled ice cream, something new was brought to a relatively stable and simple area. He also wanted to bring a more healthy, fresh and organic variety to the classic treat.

Daring to Dream

IC Rainbow was founded officially in January 2019. The name is a combination of two ideas. IC, of course, is a play on the word “icy.” "Rainbow" came from the fact that Mr. Men drove by the town of Rainbow every day as the last town before his exit home. As customers know, the unicorn is an iconic figure here at our shop. That idea came from Mr. Men’s daughter and her love for the mythical creatures. He also felt it brings about a “dream come true” theme, which is exactly what IC Rainbow means to him and his family. IC Rainbow represents their American Dream coming true.

Fighting for a Foodie Future

In many ways, the current IC Rainbow shop and menu is just the start of Mr. Men’s plans. IC Rainbow’s success has inspired him and his family to dream big. In the short term, their goal is to keep introducing new tasty treats to the area. The recently-introduced Japanese-style souffle pancakes have been a smash hit, selling like, well, hot cakes! We've even had celebrities stop by to give them a try! Clearly, IE natives are ready for new meals and Mr. Men plans to provide. His staff are constantly making new concoctions, something he greatly encourages. Indeed, he loves when customers come in and challenge them to make new combos and creations.

Going Big

This current store is hopefully just the beginning. With enough success, Mr. Men would love to open up sister stores around the area. Yet his motivation isn’t to become some multi-millionaire mogul. At the core, the hope for the Men family and IC Rainbow brand is to continue to give back to the community, one shop and one scoop at a time. They want to expand to other kinds of foods and restaurants to continue to bring new tastes to the tired taste buds of Temecula. Mr. Men and his family have no plans to leave their new home anytime soon. With that in mind, they want to do their best to contribute to the culinary experience here, as well as the community itself.

Giving Back

With more stores comes the ability to give back even more to the community. IC Rainbow already hosts many fundraisers for local groups. A recent event for the Warm Springs Middle School Cheer Squad brought in record-breaking sales and a sizable donation back to the school. They’re also supporting the Vista Murrieta High School Football Team as a vendor at the Friday Pre-Game Tailgate Parties. More partnerships with people and places around the area are in the works even as this is written.

Thank You For Your Service

That support for the community also extends to several different discounts. While the shop regularly runs different temporary promotions, several stick around at all times. As a military member, Mr. Men knows that supporting the troops is a noble cause. Therefore, all active military personnel receive a 15% discount, with a 10% drop for reserve or veterans. Community-centered individuals such as first responders, firefighters, police officers, teachers and medical field workers also receive a 10% discount.

Now that you know the story of IC Rainbow, you should order some Thai rolled ice cream or souffle pancakes today!

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