Celebrities at IC Rainbow? Jill Powell Pops in for Souffle Pancakes!

With word spreading about our souffle pancakes, we’ve started to see some famous faces at IC Rainbow! We met up with celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist Jill Powell recently so she could try our souffle pancakes and learn how to make our Thai rolled ice cream!

Jill Powell Glam Meets IC Rainbow Pan … cakes

IC Rainbow is moving on up! We recently had our first celebrity sighting here at the shop, and it was such an exciting experience. If you’ve ever seen a photo of stars such as Demi Lovato, Sabrina Carpenter or Jennie Garth, chances are their hair and makeup was done by Jill Powell. Working on such famous faces works up an appetite, so Jill was excited to try out a few of our tasty treats. With over 92,000 followers on her Instagram page, @jillpowellglam, we were excited to get our food out to so many new faces!

The funny thing is when we first contacted Jill, we had no idea she was such a successful influencer and celebrity. We reached out to many people in the Temecula Foodies Facebook group who had mentioned IC Rainbow to get feedback. When we reached out to Jill, she never name-dropped herself or her celebrity contacts. We had wanted her opinion because Jill said she had been to Japan and had many of the “real deal” souffle pancakes. It wasn’t until we dug a little deeper that we found out about her fame! At that point, she’d already agreed to come by for a taste test, so we decided to take things up a notch. We offered to give her a DIY class to learn how the souffle pancakes are made, as well as the Thai rolled ice cream, and she was happy to take part!

Rolling It Up with Pablo

Jill’s visit was an absolute treat. We helped her stream her DIY classes live on her Instagram page while she got to work with one of our amazing staff members, Pablo. She first got to make a Cookies and Cream Thai Rolled Ice Cream Cup from scratch. She proved to be a natural, rolling up the ice cream with precision and care. While she loved the taste, she was saving room for the main course: the souffle pancakes.

How Does IC Rainbow’s Souffle Pancakes Stack Up to Japan’s?

Jill next took on the souffle pancake experience, which is a lot more to handle. It takes about twenty minutes in total to make our souffle pancakes, as we make them fresh to order from scratch. Jill decided on the Original Ice Cream Souffle Pancake. While she proved more than competent, she left the most tricky part of flipping the cakes in the proven paws of Pablo.

When it came time to taste her creation, Jill was instantly in love. We’re proud to say she thought they were better than anything she had in Japan! That’s a compliment we don’t take lightly, and we appreciate it immensely!

Jill enjoyed the DIY class and taste test experience immensely, recommending anyone interested reach out to IC Rainbow. We can’t wait to see Jill and her family once again! You’re always welcome, Jill! Thanks again so very much!

Want to try out some celebrity-approved souffle pancakes? Stop by IC Rainbow today! You never know who you might run into …

Interested in taking part in your own DIY class or partnering with IC Rainbow for a livestream? Contact us today for more details!

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