A HUGE Thank You to Temecula Foodies!

IC Rainbow would like to give a quick shout-out to Temecula Foodies for the amazing support this past weekend!

Friendly Foodies

Here at IC Rainbow, building connections with our community is one of our favorite parts of the job. We love the Temecula area and want to support it as much as possible. Getting that support back from customers is always an incredible experience. That’s why this past weekend was such a special occasion for us, thanks in large part due to the amazing Temecula Foodie community on Facebook.

Thank you Erin for the amazing IC Rainbow post!
Thank you Erin for the amazing IC Rainbow post!

Two Small Posts

As a member of the Temecula Foodies group on Facebook, I’ve long kept an eye out for great recipes and restaurant suggestions from that passionate community. Imagine my surprise when I logged on Friday and saw not one, but two different posts within the group about IC Rainbow’s latest desert: our all-new souffle cakes. I was nearly as delighted to see these posts as these two great customers were to taste our new treats!

The first post was made Thursday night by Erin Herrara. In her post, Erin said she stopped by to try out the souffle cakes with her boyfriend, adding that “it was delicious.” Erin noted that it takes around 20 minutes for the cakes to be prepared, but that didn’t seem to bother her, as she said, “we definitely will go back for it👍.” The post quickly took off, with dozens of comments from customers planning on making a trip and a few who already had after seeing Erin’s post. With over 108 likes as of this blog’s writing, we are so thankful that Erin was able to introduce so many Foodies to our souffles!

The next day, another post popped up, this time from Audrey Maffei Hernandez. In her post, Audrey talked about the “amazing” Banana Nutella Souffle Cake she ate, as well as mentioning that “there are so many options and choices for drinks flavored smoothies ice cream waffle cones etc.” Erin’s story also skyrocketed to the top of the Temecula Foodies group. With over 91 likes as of this blog’s writing, we couldn’t be more thrilled to see such spectacular support!

IC Rainbow salutes you Audrey!
IC Rainbow salutes you Audrey!

One Big Impact

The impact of Erin and Audrey’s posts didn’t stop there, however. Thanks to their introduction, dozens of new followers flocked to our Facebook page from the Temecula Foodies group. Prior to these posts, we had 269 likes. As of this blog’s posting, we are up to 312 likes and 326 followers! In just one weekend, we saw a 16% increase in our Facebook followers, in no small part due to the generosity of these two sharing and caring customers.

So many new friends and family!
So many new friends and family!

Of course, eyeballs online are one thing, but mouths to feed in the real world are another entirely. So many people said they would stop by for souffle cakes, but just how many actually did? We are so very excited to report that Saturday saw record-breaking sales of souffle cakes and so much more!

In today’s ultra-competitive business market, every customer counts. It can be a real struggle for small family-owned businesses such as IC Rainbow to succeed. We aren’t afraid to admit times have been tough in the past few months. Yet thanks to the incredible generosity of the Temecula Foodies group, we’ve made a great step forward. We are beyond blessed to have found so many new faces to welcome into the IC Rainbow family!

If you haven’t tried our new souffle cakes, come join the many satisfied customers from Temecula Foodies who have fallen in love with our latest tasty treat today at IC Rainbow!

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